European Local Delicacies You Have to Try

August 23, 2017



Europe is full of delicious things to eat, from everyday dishes to rarefied delicacies. No matter where you go you’ll always find some local speciality on the menu. Here’s our pick of the best European food that you simply have to try:



If you think you know ice cream, think again. Gelato is the real deal Italian classic, beautifully soft and creamy and delicious. Naturally you’ll find it in Italy, but also in plenty of other European countries too. Just make sure it’s homemade.



This sweet and delicate dessert is popular all over the Balkans, and is made with incredible thin layers of pastry folded over chopped nuts and other fillings, and topped with honey. You can often find it sold in boxes like sweets or chocolates, but the fresh version is unbeatable.



Swedish meatballs are an essential part of any trip to Ikea, but you’ll find all sorts of delicious variations when you try them in Sweden. There’s no single recipe for this dish, so ask the locals where the best Köttbullar are served.


Tart tatin

Invented by accident in the 19th century (according to culinary legend), this upside down apple tart can be found in the French cafés and patisseries, best served with a dollop of fresh cream.



Wurst, or German sausage, comes in many different tasty varieties, including the famous and popular currywurst. Served with some sauerkraut and a side of fries out of a mobile van, it’s the German fish and chips, and just as adored.



If you find yourself in Poland, Romania or other parts Eastern Europe, seek out some pierogi. They’re essentially little dumplings, stuffed with potato, cheese, meat, or any number of fillings, and fried to perfection.



Whether it’s moules frites in Belgium or moules marinières in Normandy, a dish of fresh local mussels is something everyone should experience. In Normandy you could also find moules à la Normande, featuring a rich creamy sauce.



While France is famous for its crepes, the Czech Republic has the equally delicious palačinky pancake. This variety is cooked thin, filled with jam or fruit, and topped with syrup or cream and dusted sugar.



Perfect for a winter holiday in Hungary, goulash is a kind of stew with chunks of meat, potatoes, and vegetables, served in a delicious broth. The authentic goulash (meaning ‘shepherds soup’) is served this way, rather than a thick stew.

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