Best Winter Activities in Amsterdam

January 6, 2023

Are you dreaming of taking a winter break in Amsterdam? If so, get ready for an unforgettable experience! The city is renowned for its canals and cobbled streets, but there are also plenty of unique activities to enjoy throughout the chilly months. Sample some of the best Dutch food, snuggle into cafes with hot chocolates, or ice skate in the city centre. Read on to discover some of the best winter activities you won’t want to miss!

Ice skating

As soon as the temperature drops, ice skating becomes a popular activity in the Netherlands over the winter. The most iconic ice rink, located outside Museumplein, is transformed into a wintery paradise and has a stunning backdrop of Rijkmuseum.

In colder winters, there is even the opportunity to ice skate along one of Amsterdam’s frozen canals. Various locks are closed and canal boats are barred, allowing the ice to build. If the ice is strong enough, locals often organise many activities from speed skating competitions to dance parties!

Shop the streets of Amsterdam

What better way to experience the culture of Amsterdam than to explore its lush markets and eclectic shops? The vibrant city offers unique stores, an impressive array of fashion boutiques and interesting antique markets.

Whether it’s browsing the shop-lined alleys of the Jordaan area or discovering trinkets at traditional Dutch markets like Waterlooplein, it’s the perfect chance to indulge in some retail therapy!

Explore the Museums

Get inspired (and warm) by exploring some of Amsterdam’s most iconic museums. Not only do you gain insight into the city’s culture but also explore it in a truly unique and immersive way.

Rijksmuseum – a national museum in the Netherlands, dedicated to Dutch art and history. This museum is home to a selection of masterpieces including Self-portrait by Van Gogh, The Milkmaid by Vermeer and Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

MOCO Museum – an independent museum, exhibiting modern and contemporary art. The building itself was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, nephew of Pierre Cuypers, designer of Rijksmuseum. Their collection includes pieces from Banksy, Andy Warhol, Tracy Emin and more!

NEMO Museum – a science museum, located by the waterfront. NEMO’s mission is to bring both science and technology together in a fun and interactive way. Visitors will be able to see and experience how science plays such an active part in our lives.

Try Amsterdam’s best food spots

Amsterdam is home to some unique trendy food spots, as well as classic Dutch dishes.

A classic example of a Dutch winter snack is Olibollen. This delicious snack is essentially deep-fried dough balls with powdered sugar – traditionally eaten in the New Year. Keep an eye out for oliebollenkramen stalls next time you are in Amsterdam over winter, and make sure to try some before they vanish for another year!

What could be better than a mug of hot chocolate over the winter months? The warm, cosy atmosphere and smell of sugary treats fill the air! Look out for the Dutch brand, Hot Chocomel on the menus at Amsterdam cafes and street markets!

Finally, a must-try on your visit is to Fabel Friet for some mouth-watering Dutch parmesan truffle fries. The potatoes come from a local farmer and are freshly cut in the shop. Fabel Friet also uses 100% vegetable oil, creating that perfect golden crisp. You can find their store at Runstraat 1 in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city that comes alive in winter. If you’re looking for a getaway full of culture, fun, and tasty cuisine, Amsterdam is the perfect destination.

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