TOP 10 must try wintery foods in Holland, Belgium and Germany!  

December 19, 2022


Nothing beats a creamy pea soup with smoked sausage on a cold, frosty day. This typical Dutch dish, also known as snert, is made from split peas and is a wintertime staple in Holland.  

Did you know that pea soup is often made in advance, and even tastier on the second day? Delicious with a slice of bread!  


In this traditional Dutch dish, cubes of beef are slow-cooked and simmered in stock, with onion, flour, bay leaves, cloves etc. In a good hachee, the meat is so tender it will fall apart and melt in your mouth. If yours is served with sweet red cabbage, then it’s a real treat! 


The best description for poffertjes? Mini pancakes, but tastier! This delicious dish is made from flour, eggs, milk and baking powder. It sounds so simple, but the taste is sublime. Poffertjes for lunch or dinner? It’s all possible. Add a knob of butter and some icing sugar to finish it off! If you are lucky, there is some cinnamon added to the mix. Bon appetite! 


This deep fried – but oh-so-delicious – dough snack cannot be left off this list. On New Year’s Eve, the Dutch usually order or bake oliebollen en masse (traditional Dutch beignets). Fortunately, this snack can also be bought on other days at a typical oliebollen food stall. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top and enjoy! 

Belgian Waffles 

Many argue who makes the best waffles in Europe – and we agree that Belgium tops it. One bite into a soft fluffy Belgian waffle and it truly warms your heart! Order your waffle with cream and choose between chocolate toppings or strawberries. 

German Cheese spaetzle 

A beloved comfort food, German Cheese Spaetzle is homemade German egg noodles with layers of shredded Emmental cheese and caramelized onions, baked in the oven. Almost like Germany’s version of mac and cheese! 


This twisted dough pastry with cinnamon and sugar tastes irresistibly delicious and has been an essential part of any Christmas market for years. It is usually baked on an open fire, and ready to indulge in when you visit the wonderful Christmas markets. 


As you already know, sausages are one of the many culinary treasures that Germany has to offer. Currywurst sausage is usually sliced, with a special curry sauce and topped with curry powder. It is the ideal German snack! 


This warm, spiced wine called Glühwein is an ideal drink for those chilly days at the German Christmas Markets. It is often made with red wine, various spices and citrus fruits, creating an explosion of flavour.  

You could also try a Feuerzangenbowle! A Christmas tradition, this drink includes a rum soaked sugarloaf that is set on fire and drips into the mulled wine. A perfect festive treat! 

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