Best Spots For Hiking In The Opal Coast

June 10, 2021

This summer our new ship, the Côte d’Opale, will join our English Channel fleet. The region in Northern France, it is named after, stretches west from Calais along the English Channel and offers beautiful towns, villages and coasts perfect for exploring. If you love the fresh air and great outdoors, this list of the best spots for hiking in the Opal Coast is for you!

Calais to Wissant

On arrival into Calais head west along the sea front towards Wissant. History surrounds you with many abandoned WW2 bunkers and a grey obelisk atop Cap Blanc-Nez, which is a memorial to the WW1 Calais squadron who patrolled the channel. This hike is around 21km and should take you around 5 hours. Pack a picnic and enjoy the journey through the coast and countryside.


Balade du Bas-Blaisel

This 6km walk begins in Samer, less than an hour from Calais. Taking just 1 hour 30 minutes, it passes through the village of Wierre au Bois, where you can see the manor of Sainte-Beuve, the largest manor in Boulonnais. During the summer, strawberry picking takes place along the route. If you’re lucky you might get to sample some! A lovely walk for the whole family, and not too challenging for little ones, this is a great way to see the countryside of the Opal Coast region.

Cap Blanc-Nez to Cap Griz-Nez

If you’re looking for a shorter hike without compromising on the scenery, the 14km route between Cap Blanc Nez to Cap Griz Nez won’t let you down. The journey takes you between the two peaks, through golden beaches, rural countryside and pretty towns. When you get to Cap Griz Nez, you can climb down to the beach below for a well-deserved break.

Wissant to Boulogne sur Mer

At almost 30km this is a day long hike on clifftops, countryside and beaches. If you’re looking for something shorter, you can always hike along the coast from Wissant to the small fishing village of Audresselles which is only about 10km. If you’re hiking the full route, why not stop here for lunch, then head on towards Wimereux, passing the 16th century fort in Ambleteuse then continue on to Boulogne-sur-Mer, through the cliffs and sand dunes of Pointe de la Crèche.


Wimereux to Boulogne sur Mer

Visit the Belle-Epoque houses which line the streets of Wimereux, then follow the coastal path to Boulogne sur Mer. This 8km route will take you along gentle coastal and country paths and finish in the picturesque port town of Boulogne sur Mer.

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