Top Five Reasons To Visit Saint Valery Sur Somme

September 1, 2021

Less than two hours drive from our Calais and Dunkirk ports sits the small town of Saint Valery Sur Somme. This medieval fishing town is the perfect place for a short break and here are our five reasons why.

1. History

The history of the town dates back to before the Roman invasion. It got its name from a monk called Valery who lived as a hermit on the Cap Hornu in the 6th century. William the Conqueror assembled his fleet here before his famous battle across the Channel in 1066 and later in the 19th century, famous French writers Jules Verne and Victor Hugo spent their summers in villas here. Explore the different historic quarters and discover the centuries worth of stories and history tied up in this charming coastal town.

2. Beaches

Whether you’re relaxing and watching the sunset with a glass of wine, doing some seal-spotting, or taking a kayak out into the water, the beach at Saint Valery Sur Somme is the ideal place to do it. The sandy shore is a lovely spot for a relaxing afternoon with a book and if you do fancy exploring but are not the water sports type, you can take a sailboat tour around the coast.

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3. Food

Fresh seafood, beautifully cooked lamb, reared on the salt marshes of the town and Gateau Battu, a local brioche type cake, are just some of the delicious delicacies you can enjoy in the town. Browse and buy locally grown produce at the Sunday market, pop into a patisserie for a freshly baked baguette and enjoy an al fresco picnic. If you would prefer to sit inside, many local restaurants serve specialities from the region including Ficelle Picarde, a crêpe dish made with ham, mushrooms and cream or Paté Picard served with samphire harvested locally.


4. The Natural World

For nature lovers, Saint Valery sur Somme boasts a range of wildlife and plant life. The Jardins de Valloires are a lovely place to spend a relaxing afternoon, with over 5000 species of plants and shrubs in this landscaped garden. If you would prefer something wilder, Le Marquenterre, a conservation area spanning 640 acres, is a haven of wildlife with sand dunes, forests and marshes. You can have a guided tour through the flora and fauna, or even hire a kayak to explore the wetlands yourself and see how many birds you can spot – there are over 360 species in this area alone!

5. Picture Postcard Scenery

Head to the Fishermen’s Quarter to see shuttered, terraced cottages covered in vibrant flowers. Find some peace and calm in the medieval quarter, located in the walled part of the town and stroll the winding streets lined with centuries old buildings bursting with character. Stop by the Herbarium des Remparts, a walled medieval garden containing rare plants and vegetables once used across the region. The sunset over the Somme Bay is a beautiful way to end the day too.

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