A Summer In Normandy

June 13, 2022

With summer quickly approaching, where better to explore than beautiful Normandy in Northern France? The four hour crossing from the UK makes it the ideal getaway to relax, explore and experience the culture Normandy has to offer.  

Kite Festival in Dieppe 

A must-see extravaganza, filling the sky with shapes & colours across eight acres of seafront lawn. The Dieppe Kite Festival is held every two years, welcoming around 500,000 kite enthusiasts from all over the world. With live entertainment, kite-building workshops, and an unmissable night time light show, this is definitely something to add to your summer bucket list! 

Varengeville-sur-Mer Gardens 

Varengeville-sur-Mer is home to some of the most beautiful gardens by the sea. Wander through the Shamrock Garden, home to the largest collection of hydrangeas in the world, or explore the magic of the Bois des Moutierspark, full of flowers and trees from China, North America and Japan! 

Les Musicales de Normandie 

Every summer, Les Musicales de Normandie offer a range of classical music concerts around the most beautiful heritage sites in the region. This festival gives pride to classical and world music. From internationally renowned artists to recitals, to orchestras, it’s an unmissable event for the curious music lovers! 

Mont Saint Michel  

One of France’s most breathtaking sights is Mont Saint Michel, an ancient monastery with roots that date back to the 8th Century. Although originally a pilgrimage site, the island now offers bars and restaurants, nestled among the historic buildings. During the summer months, there is also the ‘Chronicles of the Mount’ night show. Don’t miss an unforgettable chance to experience Mont Saint Michel, through state-of-art light and sound effects, video projections, and 14 audio-visual presentations in each of the chambers of the Abbey. 

Honfleur Harbour 

Visiting Honfleur is a chance to explore a quaint, charming town, filled with cobbled alleys and colourful half-timbered houses. Honfleur’s beauty has attracted many impressionist artists, including Monet and Eugène Boudin, where their work can be found in the town’s museums and galleries. The summer weather is the perfect opportunity to sit at the harbour and embrace the scenery. 

Claude Monet’s Garden 

During the summer months, Monet’s Garden is exploding with colour and thousands of flowers. Wander through the famous Japanese garden, where you will find water lilies in full bloom. It’s the perfect opportunity to soak up the atmosphere that inspired Monet’s beautiful and unique paintings.

So there you have it! Why not explore for yourself through our Newhaven to Dieppe crossing. 

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