Top Picturesque Parks in The Netherlands

March 17, 2023

From awe-inspiring kite flying to peaceful walks through lush greenery, the Netherlands offers endless opportunities for blissful escapism in its many stunning parks.

Read on to discover some top favourite havens, where you can experience tranquillity and beauty; perfect locations for refreshing mornings or tranquil afternoons!

Meinweg National Park

Located in Limburg province, this stunning national park is home to diverse wildlife, deep forests and open meadows. One of its highlights is the magical Meinweg Lake – perfect for swimming or peaceful strolls along the bank. With 24 forest trails to choose from, you are spoilt for choice!

Amsterdamse Bos

This beautiful forest is located near Amsterdam and offers visitors plenty of recreational opportunities; including bike trails, boat rides, picnic areas and sports fields. You can even catch a show at the Open-Air Theatre on warm summer evenings!

Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve

A paradise for birdwatchers. This protected area in Flevoland Province consists of wetlands, and is filled with geese, swans and other water birds that migrate across Europe every year. It’s also home to many rare species of plants and animals, such as red deer and wild horses.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

This sprawling nature reserve is located between Utrecht and Arnhem. The park combines protected woodland areas with beautiful sandy beaches and rolling hills covered with yellow dunes – perfect for hiking or horse-riding!

Keukenhof Gardens

The breath-taking beauty of the Keukenhof gardens can’t easily be put into words. Located only an hour away from Amsterdam, the forty-seven-acre garden boasts over seven million stunning flowers that bloom like a rainbow every spring. Visitors can expect to feel as if they have stepped into a fairy-tale with its mesmerizing pathways, sprawling fields, and picturesque views.

Bloemendaal Woods

Also known as “Holland’s most beautiful woodlands”. Bloemendaal Woods offers visitors lush greenery alongside golden beaches. Take in the breath-taking views from the observation tower located at the highest point, or marvel at some of the historic landmarks which have been carefully maintained over hundreds of years. The woods are nestled between Haarlemmermeer Lake and North Sea Coastline (which is perfect spot for sunbathing or swimming).

Oosterschelde National Park

This coastal estuary covers an incredible 600 square kilometres from Tholen Island down to Vlissingen Port, creating one of the most fascinating landscapes around – especially when you consider its wide variety of birds that inhabit the area! Visitors have great opportunities to cycle, kayak or sail throughout the park with family and friends. It also features historical attractions such as little fishermen’s huts that date back hundreds of years, offering an authentic insight into Dutch life.

Het Groene Woud Nature Reserve

Het Groene Woud Nature Reserve is a beautiful sanctuary, home to breath-taking views, tranquil stillness, and unique wildlife. Visitors can take a walk around the reserve, enjoying the natural park from boardwalks specially designed for accessibility. In addition to its accessibility, the reserve also offers numerous educational opportunities to learn about nature and our environment. From interactive installations about plants found in the area or guided tours spoken by an experienced guide, anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful region will find something to their liking.

Whether it’s soaking up some sunshine or admiring mother nature at her finest – these are just some examples of how a trip to Holland’s picturesque parks can be truly unforgettable!

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