24H Oost Amsterdam

March 10, 2017


Every year Amsterdam explores and celebrates each undercurrent of culture that feeds the city and makes it the eclectic hub that it is. 24H Amsterdam is this celebration. There are 5 editions: Oost (East), Nieuw-West (New West), Zuid (South), Zuid-Oost (South East) and Noord (north of the River IJ). Each one takes places over the course of 24 hours, usually from the hours 7am-7am, so there’s something for early birds and night owls alike.

Uncovering every element that contributes to the zeitgeist of the city, the first of the series will be 24H Oost on 11 March 2017. Oost is known for being rich with multiculturalism. The events and workshops that take place draw out locals and tourists alike, as many residents learn new things about their home.

There are nearly 50 events, and a fantastic range it is, from ping pong battles, to tributes to Biggie Smalls, to time travelling. Here are just 4 events to tantalise you.


Kizomba Workshop

This workshop takes place from 9-11pm and is an amazing example of Amsterdam’s ethnic diversity.

A form of dance and a music genre, Kizomba is native to Angola and translates to ‘party’ in English. Kizomba as a style derives from Angolan parties from the 1960s called Kizombadas where the dance was first developed. An incredibly sensual and intimate dance, this workshop is perfect for couples.

You’ll find it in Club Panama, a venue very complimentary to the event as it, too, emanates culture. A former warehouse turned nightclub, it represents Amsterdam’s industrialisation and importance as a port town, situated on the docks.


Mezrab: The Art of Storytelling

If your interests lie anywhere between creative writing and folklore, visit Mezrab from 7pm-11pm where you can read or just listen to folktales, myths and fables. Casual and cosy, sit with strangers under fairy lights and wood-beamed ceilings as performers recount tales on an ethnic rug, with a perfectly placed coffee table for the reader to rest their beer.

The story behind this venue is almost as magical as the fables you’ll hear told there. Beginning in the living room of Iranian founder, Sahand Sahebdivani, it was once where friends would gather for a quiet evening as Sahand’s father told heroic tales and his mother sang enchanting Iranian music to the guests. As it grew more popular, it had to relocate again and again to fit the every-expanding audience. Whilst being outrageously cool, Mezrab has maintained this ‘living-room’ intimacy, keeping true to its origins.


Flag Robbery

Warning: enter at your own risk. Sounds rather exciting, doesn’t it? This adults only event takes place under the cover of darkness, with 3 games commencing at 10pm, 11pm and 12am.

Become the military tactician you always believed yourself to be when sat behind your controller and capture the enemy flag! Navigate through a rugged terrain of ditches, swings, canals and wooden huts, mastering the art of stealth.

Enjoy a beer with your team afterwards in the club house, perhaps even mingle with the enemy!


Dirty Desserts

Perhaps the most tempting of the day, Dirty Desserts is truly an experience for the senses. An entire world of chocolate is created, including chocolate art, cocktails and photographs. Set in the modern Pool Restaurant, the sherbet coloured accents in the decor only heighten the sweet theme of the day.

Presented by Hagelswag, a Dutch chocolate company that focuses on the traditional Dutch breakfast of chocolate on bread, this event, taking place from 1-6pm will turn the tables into a chocolate canvas for you to create your own mouth-watering masterpiece. If it cuts the mustard, contemporary artist Sander Dekker will be there to capture in on camera.


Image credit: Guilhem Vellut

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