The History of Tulips in the Netherlands

February 23, 2023

Why tulips are so special for the country?

The tulip has become synonymous with the Netherlands. However, few people know about its history and significance. From humble beginnings in Ottoman Turkey, to full-blown international phenomena, here’s a short guide on how the Dutch fell in love with tulips!

Keep reading to find how to get to the world-famous tulip fields in Lisse.


Tulips Originated in Ottoman Turkey

It is believed that tulips were first cultivated by the Ottoman Turks during the 16th century. The flowers quickly became popular among sultans and courtiers due to their unique colours and shapes. As a sign of wealth and power, they were soon associated with royalty and grew increasingly fashionable throughout Europe.

Their Popularity Spread Across Europe

By the 17th century, tulips had become so popular in Holland that prices skyrocketed as people scrambled to buy them. As demand increased, so too did speculation – leading to what became known as “tulipmania” – an economic bubble where people would spend outrageous amounts of money for single bulbs. This period ended abruptly when prices suddenly crashed after it was revealed that many of these bulbs were actually fake or infected with a virus!

They Are Now A National Symbol In The Netherlands

After this tumultuous period, tulips slowly regained their popularity and are now widely regarded as one of Holland’s national symbols. Every year in April and May there is an annual celebration called ‘Tulip Time’ which sees thousands of visitors flocking to Amsterdam to see fields full of these beautiful flowers in bloom!

Tulips have certainly come a long way since their beginnings in Ottoman Turkey and have now become deeply embedded into Dutch culture. Whether you’re visiting Amsterdam for business or pleasure – make sure you take time out to admire these gorgeous blooms!

Where to visit tulip fields in the Netherlands?

Visiting the Netherlands and exploring its stunning tulip fields at Keukenhof is an experience unlike any other. As spring rolls around, the landscape transforms into a vibrant rainbow of colour as more than 7 million bright and beautiful tulips come into bloom!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic stroll through the flower-filled gardens, or simply want to take in the beauty of one of Holland’s most iconic landmarks, Keukenhof is sure to be a memorable experience. With over 32 hectares of land filled with flowers, trees and ponds, it’s easy to understand why millions of people visit each year. So, get ready to be amazed!

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