Travel Bloggers of 2015

April 30, 2015


We love reading all about our passengers’ travelling experience, both onboard our ferries but also taking inspiration on new and exciting places to visit across northern Europe. We’ve spent some time pulling together a shortlist of the best blogs for you to read in 2015 if you love travel as much as we do! Voting has now closed, so it’s time to tally up the votes and find out which of our collection of the web’s best travel bloggers was your favourite!

The bloggers received over 18,000 votes in total across the five categories we laid out, so without further ado check out the winners of the respective categories below & find out a little bit more about what inspires their travel writing.

Best Travel Blogger 2015 with ­46.13% of the vote:
Emily Luxton – Emily Luxton Travel Blog

Emily Luxton is a writer, blogger and travel enthusiast from the south coast of England. Her site blends her own narrative travel stories with reviews and how-to guides. So far, Emily has travelled to 17 countries, and favours slow, long-term travel over collecting passport stamps. We were particularly inspired by the story of her trip to Vietnam and in particular the perils of off road hiking in Sapa.

Best Travel Culture & History Blogger 2015 with 39.51% of the vote:
Zoë Dawes – The Quirky Traveller

Zoë describes quirky travel as seeing the world from a different angle and finding the unusual. It means taking your time to explore what’s around you, enjoying the moment and appreciating things fully.  It’s about the culture, heritage, customs, sights, sounds and feelings that a place evokes; so why not check out her site for some quirky travel stories.

Best Travel Food & Drink Blogger 2015 with 34.25% of the vote:
Lucy McGuire – Oh So London

Lucy is a former newspaper journalist and moved to London in 2010 to pursue a career in freelance journalism across websites, newspapers and magazines. Oh So London is a site for anyone who is interested in reading about lifestyle, food and travel through the eyes of a journalist living in London. The fact that she will always be a Yorkshire girl at heart is highlighted by her lovely post about Carlyon Bank at Christmas.

Best Newcomer Blogger 2015 with 59.63% of the vote:
Sabina Trojanova – Girl vs Globe

During the past two decades Sabina has had the pleasure of living in four countries and she is nowhere near done. Armed with a big pink suitcase packed full of clothes, big dreams and crumpled up notebooks, she is always looking for the next adventure. Her experience of street food in Beijing is very funny and well worth a read for anyone who has visited South East Asia.

Best Travel Photo Blogger 2015 with 51.63% of the vote:
Chris Osburn – tikichris

Chris, aka tikichris, is an American expat living in London. Every day since 2006, he has been creating lifestyle, culture and travel related blog posts that feature his own photography. Chris’ London Daily Photo series means that it is always worth visiting his sight to take a look through his viewfinder.

So, whether your’re an avid blog follower, or brand new to blogging, be sure to take some time to look over these blogs when you’ve next got travel on your mind!

Don’t forget, we had over 35 blogs shortlisted – from history & culture in your travels, to blogs for foodies, you can see all the blogs by visiting:





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