Exploring the Danish Coastline

January 4, 2015

When you’re planning a beach holiday, Scandinavia might not be your first thought, but the region can actually lay a legitimate claim to some of the most stunning coastlines in Europe. Not only is the water a gorgeous cerulean hue, but the rugged, Nordic scenery will take your breath away.

Sound good? Well, here’s our list of the best beaches in Denmark for you to check out…


Søndervig has been a popular seaside resort for Danish tourists since the 19th century, but still attracts visitors in their droves to this day. The beach is long and sweeping, with golden sand and beautiful scenery around it, plus a pretty seaside town just a short walk from shore. Søndervig beach is perfect for outdoor types, with excellent landscape for cycling and hiking, plus facilities for fishing, sailing and much more.


Nordstranden Beach, located on the northern coast of Kerteminde, is the island’s most popular beach resort. Further up the coastline, Hindsholmvej has beautiful villas where both locals and tourists can stay. Nodstranden Beach is unique as its sandbanks mean you can venture a good distance out to sea without the water getting too deep. This makes the beach family-friendly, and there are plenty of facilities on the beach for children to enjoy, such as mini golf, a refreshments stand and plenty more.


Blaavand beach stretches for 40km of glorious, golden sand, with a famous lighthouse at the end.

The gentle North Sea current makes this an ideal beach for swimming or playing with children and young families, as you can venture into the clean, azure sea without any worries.

The north of the beach has beautiful sand dunes which form hollows that you can lose yourself in, perfect for a romantic beach break for couples.

Amager Beach Park

Denmark’s most interesting beach is located in the capital city, Copenhagen – not the traditional first choice for beach holidays! The beach park consists of an artificial island just off the coast, connected to the capital by 3 bridges. At one end of the island you’ll find sandy beaches, at the other, a harbour and a promenade. This lively island beach is one of the most popular areas in Copenhagen on sunny days, and the perfect place to spend a long, Scandinavian summer evening

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