The Most Unexpected Beaches Across Europe

July 4, 2019

Everybody likes a good beach. Unfortunately, when too many people like a good beach, it can quite often stop being a good beach, because there’s too many people on it. If you’re not a fan of crowds, it tends to pay to find the hidden gems that have all the beauty and none of the commercialism, but actually finding them can be tricky, as that’s the whole point of a hidden gem. Don’t worry, we’ve done our research and found five of the best unexpected beaches across the continent, so why not book our ferries to Europe now before they become too popular?

Calanque d’en Vau, France

Tucked away in the beautiful region of Provence, Massif des Calanques is best known as a destination for hikers who love the views from its limestone cliffs, and amongst those views is a stunning white sandy beach. It’s known as Calanques En Vau and it’s only accessible via boat or after a hike from nearby Port Miou, which is what keeps the number of tourists down. But if you’re willing to make the effort, you’ll be rewarded by a beach that has so much beauty to offer.

 Plage Notre Dame, France

Another hidden French treasure, Île de Porquerolles is an island off the Côte d’Azur near Marseille and Cannes. But while so much of the French Riviera is built-up and overcrowded, this island has the benefit of being mostly owned by the government, so it has avoided that fate. Plage de Notre Dame is the nicest of the small and beautiful beaches available for you if you make the boat trip out there, and there’s plenty for families to enjoy.

Cala sa Forcanera, Spain

Many of these beaches are hidden gems because they’re not as accessible as the big popular ones that you can walk to from your hotel or even a nearby car park. That’s certainly the case with Cala de sa Forcanera, which isn’t far from Barcelona but is protected by being surrounded by private land, which means you can only get there by kayak from one of the busier beaches on the Costa Brava.

Seychelles Beach, Greece

You probably wouldn’t expect somewhere called ‘Seychelles Beach’ to be quiet, but this one really is. Found on the island of Ikaria, it has only existed for around 30 years after a landslide and people are still catching on. It may not be sandy, but it has stunning blue waters and white pebbles and while getting to the beach itself requires some effort, you’ll never want to leave it.

Praia de Albandeira, Portugal

The Algarve has so many amazing beaches that it’s not surprising that some incredible ones slip through the tourist cracks. Praia de Albandeira is exactly that, possibly because it’s only small, but it is perfectly formed, with white sand and natural pools for exploring. It’s not even particularly hard to get to, unless you’re nervous about driving down single track roads.

So, there you have it, our run down of the most spectacular European beaches that won’t be overcrowded this summer.

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