Top 5 TikTok Hacks for the perfect holiday Golden Hour snap

November 30, 2022

Many of us take to social media to document our travels and put a lot of time and effort into curating the perfect holiday snap. This enables us to create the perfect memento of our time away and of course, make our friends and family stricken with travel envy. Here at DFDS, we’ve found that chasing the sun makes getting the best possible holiday snap easier than ever.

Armed with our ultimate guide to European Golden Hour, which gives you the exact time and place you need to be, you can ensure that you’re next European trip is full of ample opportunities to nab that Golden Hour selfie or artistic snapshot.

In addition to that, just to make sure you’re ticking every box when taking your Golden Hour pic, we’ve done our share of scrolling to collate all the best TikTok Golden Hour tips, so you don’t have to:

1. Under expose the shot so you don’t lose the detail in the sky

@watzac 3 Tips For Golden Hour Photography ☀️ #beginnerphotography #goldenhour #sunset #photography101 #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Zac Watson

2. If shooting with a camera, the perfect settings are: Shutter Speed 1/200, Aperture F1.4, ISO 160

@abigailreneephotography my typical settings for golden hour sessions ✨ feel free to comment any questions!!! #photography #photographytricks #photographytips ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

3. When shooting on your Iphone, be sure to make use of the editing software that comes with the camera app, including changing the exposure.

@kobratech 2 tips for shooting golden hour on your iPhone 📱📸☀️ #iphonephotography #photography101 #iphonephotographytricks ♬ original sound – KobraTech

4. Avoid backlight, unless you’re going for a more artistic shot

@sidraandco Nothing like golden hour 📸 #photography101 #phototips #instagramtips #instagramhacks #posetips #tiktoktutorial #SummerLooks #goldenhour ♬ original sound – K

5. Using your hand will help you know where to place your subject (or yourself!)

@elishakknight Using your hand to know where to place your subject 🤚🏻 #photographersoftiktok #lighting101 #goldenhour #photography #photographytips ♬ Be Happy but its sad – LLusion

If our Holiday Golden Hour guide has left you feeling inspired and looking to truly satisfy your wanderlust, DFDS offers plenty of mini cruises and ferry crossings that can take you across Europe and help kick-off your get-away whilst en route across the seas. Book your travels today!

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