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Carnivals Across Europe

Europe loves a carnival – a chance to get dressed up, take to the streets, socialise and celebrate. Lots take place in early spring, one of the most famous being Mardi Gras, when Roman Catholics feast before the abstinence of lent begins. But Mardi...

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Dunkirk Carnival

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‘Dynamo’ movie powers Dunkirk’s summer appeal

Dunkirk becomes the focus of attention from cross-channel tourists this summer with the launch of a blockbuster film marking World War II’s Operation Dynamo. Popularly called ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’, the operation (May 26-June 4 1940) snatched...

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Seas the Day: Oyster Festival Dunkirk

Our new Seas the Day series will see us detail events across Europe which only last a day or 2, providing you with enough information for you to take advantage of any events which take your fancy! Whether it’s celebrating traditional food and drink...

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