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Spotlight on Arras

This quaint French town invites you in with winding countryside roads, leading you into the architecturally fascinating centre. Many of the buildings are a stunning Flemish design, stacked side to side as if each is imperative in holding up the next....

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Spotlight on Reims

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Spotlight on the Loire Valley

The grandeur of the chateaux, the green of the rolling vineyards, and the winding rivers of the Loire Valley render it one of the most picturesque regions of France. The entire area has been given the UNESCO World Heritage site status, and as well as...

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Brussels Flower Carpet

The bi-annual Flower Carpet makes its return to Brussels Grand-Place this weekend from 12th – 15th August, but this time it’s an extra special occasion as it’s the 20th Anniversary of the stunning floral display. History The first flower carpet...

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