Ollie’s Adventure!

May 18, 2016

Life at sea is an adventure for the whole family, but have you ever seen it through the eyes of a child? This is Ollie, age 6, and armed with a Go-Pro and plenty of excitement for his holiday, he allowed us a glimpse into his journey onboard.


The first thing he got up to after boarding with his family and finding their cabin was to explore the ship – KING Seaways! A sunny day meant great views from the outside decks. There’s no mistaking that excited feeling when you know you have no more school (or work!) for a whole week!


After setting sail, and choosing some souvenirs from the onboard shop Ollie’s attention turned to food – the 7 Seas buffet and unlimited ice cream to be exact! Once refreshed and full all that was left to do was discover more of the ship, the kids area where Ollie could play and make new friends.


Perhaps one of the highlights for Ollie, was visiting our ORCA centre onboard. He went on our Sea-Fari to learn about the different species that live in the North Sea, admired our Harbour Porpoise sculpture, and took his handy binoculars up to the observation deck to see what he could spot!


Lucky Ollie even went up onto the Bridge to meet the crew!


Thanks to Ollie and his family for letting us in on their trip, we hope they went on to enjoy the rest of their holiday before the return sailing. It certainly looks like they did!


The journey really does begin at sea!

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