Northern Lights: Finland & Iceland

January 20, 2015

The Northern Lights is nature’s most amazing natural lightshow and one of the most famous phenomena on planet Earth, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe each year. You can see the lights from as far south as Great Britain sometimes, but traditionally the Scandinavian countries have provided the best views of this stunning cosmic circus.

In Finland, the lights are visible 200 nights a year, so you’ll be able to see them on just about any clear night. Traditionally, Northern-Light-spotting is combined with other winter activities such as snow-shoeing, dogsledding, cross-country skiing or riding snowmobiles, but there are also areas where you can relax in warmth and comfort while you enjoy the Northern Lights above you.

Kakslauttanen Resort is one such place. Located in Inari, northern Lapland, the resort has 20 glass igloos and 60 beds in snow igloos and is also located next to Urho Kekkonen National Park, one of Finland’s most beautiful areas. There is also a Snow Chapel, Ice Bar and Ice Gallery in the resort to ensure visitors have plenty to keep them busy.

Other resorts where you can enjoy the Northern Lights in comfort and luxury are the Aurora Bubbles Wilderness Hotel, the Eagle’s View Suite or the Levi Igloos resort. All of these are located away from the artificial light pollution of cities, meaning you should be able to see the Northern Lights on most nights of the year.

Iceland is another Scandinavian country whose skies regularly play host to the Aurora Borealis. Like most other Scandinavian countries, Iceland is famous for its spa culture, and it’s easy to combine this with a Northern Lights break.

The Laugarvatn Fontana resort will leave you with your mind blown, but your body and soul regenerated, thanks to its wonderful spa offering and Northern Lights tour. While the Aurora Borealis blazes in the sky above you, relax and soak yourself in the open-air geothermal baths.

A great way to escape the artificial light pollution of the city is to take a boat out of the harbour into pitch darkness, and experience the Northern Lights that way. With I Heart Reykjavik you can hop on a boat from Reykjavik harbour and spend 2 hours experiencing the lights in a dark and secluded area of the river.

Finland and Iceland are ideal destinations for relaxing and mature breaks to see the Northern Lights. While you can still enjoy traditional and more active breaks, you may find the lights look so much more beautiful from your heated igloo, and who could blame you?

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