Northern France in the Springtime

January 16, 2015

France is the most popular country in the world for tourists, with plenty to enjoy for visitors all year round. You could head down to the southern coast for the summer and come back with a San Tropez suntan – but not the kind out of a bottle – or dodge the bitterly cold winter winds in Parisian saloons, but it is in the springtime when France really sparkles.

The north of France has a beautiful temperate climate, which offers a break from British weather without being uncomfortably warm. Enjoy gorgeous late sunsets after the dark and cold British winter, set among some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery, and wonder whether you’re actually going to bother going back home.

The port towns of Dieppe, Dunkirk and Calais make for excellent entry points to the north of France depending on where you’re heading. Dieppe is located close to Normandy, with its characterful apple orchards, seaside cliffs and wonderful rolling hills.

Normandy is also home to Mont St Michel, one of France’s most-visited attractions, as well as the poignant and humbling war memorials and cemeteries.

Calais and Dunkirk are both located along France’s stunning northern coastline, making them excellent choices for beach holidays within a short distance of the UK. The Nord-pas-de-Calais region has plenty of rugged coastline to discover, with long, sweeping beaches and dramatic cliffsides. It doesn’t need’t need to be a long stay – a day trip is a great break away too.

In those long spring evenings, relax and sip some French wine or cider from the famous Normandy cider trail as you enjoy some of France’s world-renowned cuisine. Culture vultures have also recently begun flocking to northern French cities such as Lens and Lille, following a significant investment in the cities’ art and culture from the French government. The Louvre has established an outpost in Lens, and Lille recently beat off competitors to the very first exhibition on the Egyptian pharaoh Senusret III.

So whether you’re interested in a relaxing beach holiday, a gastronomic getaway or losing yourself in arts, culture and history, there’s plenty to do in France this springtime.

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