Music Lovers’ Festivals

September 19, 2014

Music lover? We’ve got some great recommendations of music festivals that you can visit in northern France. Enjoy the experience and take some great memories home with you.

1) Fête de la Musique

This event takes place in every city in France on June 21st. It consists in having free concerts in bars and/or in the town centre. For example, in Dunkirk many groups gather on the seafront and, of course, you can listen to different music styles (rock, pop, ska, reggae, blues…). So if you are planning to go to France at this time, don’t hesitate to have a look on the website of the city where you will stay. 

2) Main Square Festival

The festival is well known as it is one of the three main festivals which takes place in the summer in Arras, France. It has welcomed many international artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Radiohead and Muse. It lasts 4 days in total and gathers more than 100,000 music fans every year. 2014 is the 10th anniversary of the creation of this event. That is why the line up is even more impressive: Iron Maiden, Franz Ferdinand, Woodkid, Paul Kalkebrenner, MGMT, Keziah Jones, M, David Guetta etc. So whether you’re a pop, rock or heavy metal fan – this festival has something for you!

3) Het Lindenboom Festival

The Het Lindenboom is free & it is specialist enough to be highlighted. This festival is a folk festival which happens in Loon Plage (a town near the ferry port of Dunkirk in Northern France). This event gathers more than 20,000 people from France but also sees visitors from Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain. Many local bands play during this festival but also some famous French artists such as Sinsemilia and Alan Stivell this year.

4) Rock en Stock – Etaples / Le Touquet

This festival takes place at the end of July in a town near Boulogne-sur-Mer. It is a typical French rock festival & lasts 2 days, costing just €20 for 20 different gigs. The music styles you can listen to are: reggae, ska ,rock, metal and electro. While staying there, you can make the most of the Opal Coast by having a nice meal in one of the restaurants on the seafront or simply by enjoying the sun on the beaches along the coast.

5) Nuits Secrètes (Secret Nights) – August 1st to 4th – Aulnoyes Aymeries

The festival of the Nuits Secrètes brings together a collection different artists to Aulnoyes Aymeries. Headliners play on the main open air stage which is the heart of the festival, but concert goers can also spot talented new acts in the Garden area, listen to bands inside clubs, and catch a wide range of improvised performances. The diversity and quality is a key to the success of this event with around 70 individual acts. One of the big attractions of this musical marathon, which lasts for three days & nights, is being able to watching emerging talents.

Every year around 47,000 people go on this festival to listen to the musicians, & every night when the open air concert takes place more than 10,000 festival goers show up.

Apart from the festival, many concerts are free and there is easy access to campsites and train links.

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