Where to mark off on your map in Northern France

June 17, 2015

You may have seen my recent post on preparing for a road trip – so now that you have your packing list sorted, here are some places to add to your route plan!

Now that I am back from northern France I wanted to give you my top destination highlights to visit while you’re there. Even though I have just picked out my favourites, wherever you go you’ll still be blown away by the beautiful landscape in northern France and, if you have time, I would highly recommend avoiding motorways and seeing where the small roads take you – just select ‘avoid tolls’ on your GPS.

Anyway, let’s get to the best of the best from Northern France.

Gardens of Versailles

The first thing to say is that these gardens aren’t just breathtaking, they’re also free! It’s hard to believe a place that takes so many man hours to keep looking so perfect can be free, but we’re certainly not going to argue with it! You can just stroll on in for amazing house and garden views. And when you think ‘garden’’ think big – this place rivals any Alcázar or botanical gardens, it’s a piece of art that has been sculpted with greenery and stunning water features. A “must visit” – and don’t forget to take a picnic!

North France - Versailles

Rest stops

You may be surprised to see this on my list of places to visit, but hear me out! France has a number of amazing places you can stop for a rest break. The services are great and most have picnic areas and conveniences. If you’ve got a bit more time, keep an eye out for the ones that go the extra mile! We stopped at the Sailing Club De Saint Aubin Les Elbeuf between Giverny and Crotoy and ended up spending a few hours there swimming in the lake while enjoying some lunch and ice-creams. Either research before you go or use the knife and fork icon on google maps to find those rest stop gems!

Rest Stop in Northern France

Beyond the Monet Gardens

Last but not least, don’t miss Giverny. This is most famous for the Jardin de Monet which I would definitely recommend for anyone’s bucket list  – and don’t let your trip stop there!

My partner and I had a wonderful evening cycling around the fields and flower-covered streets of the lovely town. The bikes were available from the beautiful B&B we stayed at just outside of the town and allowed us to explore as the sun began to go down. We ended up stumbling upon (or should I say, cycling upon) a crepe restaurant in the grand Hotel Musardiere.

Drop in yourself and you can enjoy one of their famous crepes from their extensive menu while enjoying gorgeous views of Giverny and the hills beyond.

Watch out for my next blog about places to stay in Northern France.

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