Best Winter Foods around Europe

November 15, 2018


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The winter months and festive season bring with them a host of seasonal delights, and Europe is rich in interesting new dishes to try. Whether you’re planning a trip to the continent and don’t want to miss out on the local delicacies, or you’re looking for inspiration at home, take a look at some of our favourite winter foods from across Europe right here.



They can be enjoyed at any time of year, but the fries served in winter markets in the likes of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany are a step above. Usually served in a paper cone, and often with onions and all manner of sauces, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a stroll through city streets. If you’re trying to replicate them yourself, then know that the secret is in cooking them twice – once to soften up the insides, and a second time in a hot fryer to crisp up the outsides.



A warming goulash is an essential dish during the cold winter months, and while it originated in Hungary, it can be found all over Eastern and Central Europe, with speciality restaurants serving it in the North and West too. This beef and potato stew is given extra warmth with the addition of paprika, and is often served inside bread for that extra comforting touch. Vegetarian versions are sometimes available too, usually made with mushrooms and other vegetables.


Snowball Soup

Snowball soup – also known as floating island soup – is an Estonian dish that’s simply delightful, but not well known. Several islands made from sugary whipped egg whites float in a minty milk soup, often with pear too. It’s something quite different, and you’ll only find it served in Estonia and Hungary, but it’s not too difficult to make.


Swiss Fondue

Who doesn’t love fondue? This comforting delight originated in the Alps, and usually involves a combination of cheeses including gruyere and emmental. Garlic is usually added, and then revellers are free to dip whatever they like into the cheesy goodness. Bread is the most common dipping food, but steamed potatoes and vegetables also make a good choice. Certain sharp fruits such as pineapple also work well.


Swedish Meatballs

Whether in IKEA or an upscale restaurant, Swedish meatballs are a hugely popular winter choice across the continent. There are many ways to enjoy them too. They can be eaten as a quick snack while wandering through a traditional Christmas market, or served in delicious and creamy dill sauce with a side of potatoes, rice or even noodles. Lingonberry jam is again the traditional accompaniment.

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