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A Model Sailor

Everyone has special memories of their holidays, and for one man, these memories encouraged him to embark on an ambitious model-making project. Germany’s Marc Peper took his passion for seafaring holidays to the next level when he decided to build ...

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A First Time Mini Cruise

I’m a girl who usually catches a flight to my destination but now I’ve been completely converted to sailing after my recent trip to Amsterdam with DFDS Seaways. I’ve done the odd Channel crossing with my family as a child, but a mini cruise is...

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Dutch Windmills

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Northern Lights: Finland & Iceland

The Northern Lights is nature’s most amazing natural lightshow and one of the most famous phenomena on planet Earth, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe each year. You can see the lights from as far south as Great Britain sometimes, b...

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Northern France in the Springtime

France is the most popular country in the world for tourists, with plenty to enjoy for visitors all year round. You could head down to the southern coast for the summer and come back with a San Tropez suntan – but not the kind out of a bottle &...

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