Winter Mini Breaks in Europe

November 1, 2017

Winter naturally makes us want to stay indoors and wrap up warm, but heading off on a winter mini break allows you to do this somewhere a bit different. There are so many great destinations across Europe that provide the perfect setting for a few days’ winter holiday, with attractions and historic sights alongside cosy cafés and seasonal events.


Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia’s capital is the perfect fairy tale city, with winding streets, historic churches, and ancient walls. Its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s impossible not be enchanted by its medieval streets, romantic towers, and elegant squares. There are also plenty of lovely coffee shops where you can curl up on a sofa with some local fare and a hot drink for as long as you like.


Oslo, Norway

Oslo gives you an accessible way to enjoy a winter adventure in Norway, with all the comforts of this modern and vibrant city, along with the culture and beauty of the Norwegian landscape. There’s the iceberg-like opera house, stunning artworks by Munch and Ibsen in its galleries, a unique sculpture park, and no end of culinary delights to explore.


Copenhagen, Denmark

We’re all now familiar with the Danish concept of hygge, and Copenhagen has it by the bucket-load. Compact and easy to get around, you can enjoy all the variety of Danish culture in this city, from its Viking heritage to the contemporary Danish flair for design. It might be a bit cold for hopping on a bicycle, though.


Tubingen, Germany

What better winter break than spending some time surrounded by a whole festival of chocolate? Tubingen’s annual ChocolART is a celebration of all things cocoa, with exhibitions, artwork, cooking courses, and of course endless stalls piled high with delicious chocolate creations to buy and sample.


Ghent, Belgium  

Ghent is just a stone’s throw from the UK, and offers a unique and beguiling winter destination. You can explore its incredibly pretty streets and canals with their medieval halls and towers, and admire its wealth of museums and historic buildings in between tasting the local delicacies in quaint tea rooms and waterside restaurants.


Lille, France

Lille is another Flemish secret, and one of France’s most underrated cities. Just over an hour’s drive from Dunkirk, Lille is home to a beautiful old town with some stunning architecture and cultural treasures, including several of France’s most prestigious art galleries and museums. There’s also an imposing star-shaped citadel that’s still in use by international forces, with, somewhat unexpectedly, a zoo in its public grounds.


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