The Many Faces of A’Dam…

June 22, 2016

Who, or more presciently what, is A’Dam?

Well, A’Dam is a 22-floor tower which overlooks the whole city of Amsterdam. Spread across its many floors you’ll find bars, restaurants, members-only clubs, a rooftop observation deck and much much more.

Since A’Dam is such a big name in Amsterdam, why don’t we go and get to know them a little bit better?

A’Dam Lookout

Where better to start than at the very top of A’Dam tower?

A’Dam Lookout is an observation deck with a literally unparalleled view of the whole of the city. Not only will you see the beautiful baroque town centre, or observe the frantic activity at one of Europe’s busiest ports, or just look out into the distance, with uninterrupted cityscape views as far as the eye can see.

For those who love a thrill, there is also a giant swing opening soon which will send you over the edge of the tower (safely harnessed up), allowing you to experience the dizzying heights in an entirely new way.


A chic panorama bar and restaurant perched on the top of the A’Dam tower, MA’Dam has incredible décor around you, and breath-taking vistas out the windows. During the day this bar is part of the Lookout experience, but once the sun sets they crank up the music and Amsterdam’s swankiest skybar is open for business. The restaurant is open from 6pm, the bar from 9.30pm and you’ll find classy cocktails, including their special Non-Flying Dutchman, inspired by footballing legend Dennis Bergkamp’s fear of flying, ironically served 22 storeys above the ground.

Whether you’re looking for great food, cocktails, a beer with a view, or you’d just like to get down to some tunes, MA’Dam has something for you.


Working our way down from the top, Moon is a revolving restaurant on the 19th floor of the tower. Allowing you to enjoy the 360-degree panorama without having to get up from your seat once.

The restaurant’s chef Jaimie van Heije and chef de cuisine Tommy den Hartog claim to specialise in “classical dishes with a modern twist” and use only carefully sourced local seasonal ingredients.

Traditionally the moon revolves around the Earth, but in this case Moon revolves around providing an unforgettable dining experience for visitors, as well as incredible views of one of Europe’s most beautiful citiies.

A’Dam & Co

A’Dam & Co is a members’ only club on the 18th floor of the tower. Unfortunately to get in here you have to be invited, so it isn’t open for tourists. However should you be lucky enough to be invited in, you’ll find yourself in a serene setting with a wonderful rooftop view of the city.

A’Dam & Co is one of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets, but shhh, it is still a secret after all!

Sir A’Dam

Sir Hotels is a boutique hotel brand born in Amsterdam, the very first of which opened in De Pijp, the hip neighbourhood of artists and designers and entrepreneurs. This new hotel will make the A’Dam Tower its home, spread across a number of floors, with rooms offering phenomenal views across the cityscape, as well as a brilliant city-centre location.


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