Taste of Amsterdam

June 3, 2016

One of the hardest decisions that we have to make on a regular basis is deciding what to eat when we want to treat ourselves to a little something special. All too often we fall into familiar patterns and pick a meal or a place which we know we’ve enjoyed in the past rather than trying something a little different and discovering a new favourite dish.

So imagine a place where all of the best chefs in Amsterdam get together and fashion starter-sized plates of all of their finest food, just waiting for you to come and sample them at your leisure, somewhere where you can be inspired by these fantastic foodies and dine to your heart’s content.

Well, that’s exactly what happens at Taste of Amsterdam. At this event you can be inspired in a culinary and creative way, sampling signature dishes from the city’s top chefs, as well as being guided in the art of making your own, so you can impress your friends and family back home after the event.

It’s not just Dutch food, either, there are a range of international chefs serving food from their homeland which is perfect if your taste buds are a little more refined, or you just fancied something a bit more exotic. In fact, it’s not even just food that’s on offer here, you’ll also find a range of stalls stocking fantastic drinks, both soft and alcoholic from famous brands such as Diageo, craft beer from Lowlander Beer and others, plus plenty more.

While you eat, get involved in judging the winner of the cookout, jam to some funk, soul and jazz music, played live and also spun by DJs and be sure to pick out some goodies from the farmer’s market so that you can prepare yourself some culinary treats when you get back home!

The event takes place each year around the start of June, over a weekend, in Amstelpark and costs €12 for general admission. At such a great price, you’re guaranteed value, so why not give Taste of Amsterdam a whirl, you might just discover something that could change your life!

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