New Year Onboard KING SEAWAYS

January 1, 2015

All of us celebrate New Year in our own way – some with family, others with friends, with loved ones. Onboard KING SEAWAYS is no different. Mark Henderson, Entertainment Manager, tells us how the crew welcome in the New Year with the help from some of our passengers too!

What’s the atmosphere like onboard on New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day?

It can be very stressful onboard during the New Year, as we have to make sure all regular duties are done, as well as decorations in public areas like the bars & restaurants. The night is generally a longer night for all the crew, but it is a rewarding night as everyone is in high spirits. New Year’s Day is a lot more relaxed for the majority of the teams & departments onboard, but the cleaning is definitely a bigger task from all the celebrations the previous night. All the crew help out as much as they can so spirits remain high.

Are there any specific celebrations to welcome in the New Year?

Each nationality has their own traditions when it comes to New Year, so it takes support from the different countries to help us with the food and entertainment that all our passengers can enjoy.

The English like the song Auld Lang Syne sweet mince pies. The Dutch like to play the ABBA song Happy New Year & eat the food called Olibollen, a traditional Dutch snack which can be eaten hot or cold. The Germans also like ABBA’s Happy New Year and Sauerkraut, a finely cut cabbage dish.

How would you normally celebrate New Year if you were at home?

Last year I celebrated with my family at my parents house – it was great, plenty of food & drinks with lots of music. It is getting more expensive to go out for New Year and not everyone can afford to, especially straight after Christmas, so its nice to be able to spend it with the people that means most to you.

Do you visit Amsterdam while in dock?

Some of us may have the chance to go into Amsterdam, others have to prepare for the night time with passengers. Some also may prefer to catch up with their families on Skype, or FaceTime. Some even like to catch up on some well deserved sleep; it is a choice that we make at the time & is different for everyone. I always find it is more refreshing to leave the ship for a couple of hours to soak up the atmosphere of the Dutch capital.

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