Mini Cruise Away from the Winter Blues

February 10, 2018

This time of year can feel pretty bland. The fun part of winter is over, work days seem to go on forever, and sunny summer holidays are a very long way off. Banishing those winter blues can feel like a tall order, but a mini cruise to Amsterdam could offer a tantalising solution.


What is a mini cruise?

If you’ve never heard of the delight that is a mini cruise, it’s exactly what it sounds like: the experience of a cruise holiday but without having to book weeks off work. Our cruise ferry departs from Newcastle in the early evening, and arrives in Amsterdam the following morning, giving you a day (or longer if you choose) to explore the city before your overnight crossing back home.


The mini cruise experience

The main thing about a short break is maximising your time. The hours you spend waiting in airports and sitting on aeroplanes should be hours you enjoy as part of your holiday. With a mini cruise the journey is an integral part of the enjoyment.

Step onboard and you’ll find a choice of restaurants, bars, shops, kids’ entertainment, and even a cinema, not to mention the sea views up on deck. There is also a choice of cabins, including luxurious Commodore cabins with minibars, fluffy towels, and a steward service to cater to your every whim (within reason).

Once you’re settled at your table in the North Sea Bistro, sipping a glass of wine while looking out at the last rays of the sun slipping beneath the horizon, steaming towards one of the most exciting cities in the world, the winter blues will be the last thing on your mind.


Amsterdam in a day

If you go for the standard two-night mini cruise, you’ll get up to 5 hours to explore the captivating Dutch capital. It’s worth doing a bit of planning beforehand so you have time to see your chosen sights.

Head straight to the Rijksmuseum for a morning gawping at some of the world’s best artwork, including the museum’s most famous piece, Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’. It’s a vast but well-organised place, and you can book your tickets online in advance to avoid queuing, too.

Don’t forget to nip outside to the Museumplein and snap your compulsory selfie at the I Amsterdam sign.

Nearby, Leidseplein offers some excellent lunchtime options, with lots of coffee shops and eateries to choose from. Post-lunch is the perfect time for a canal cruise along the city’s UNESCO listed waterways, and the perfect way to take in Amsterdam’s interesting and quirky architecture.

If you have any time left, head into Jordaan, the city’s art district to enjoy the classic Amsterdam canals and 17th century merchant houses. Make sure you stop by the essential and moving Anne Frank House museum, too. Once you’ve had your fill of Amsterdam culture and history, you can catch the last coach back to the ferry port for a relaxing cruise home.

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