L’Aisne, a glimpse of fairy-tale France



The Aisne region, taking its name from the river which meanders through it, is the very embodiment of the France that you see in art, literature and film. The towns in the region are quaint and medieval with cobbled streets and set into rolling hills and verdant countryside. It’s easy to see why L’Aisne is one of the most popular regions in the most-visited country in the world.

The largest city in L’Aisne is Saint-Quentin (not related to the Johnny Cash song of a similar name!) and this is also one of the region’s best destinations for tourists too. With the kind of classically French architecture and wonderful al fresco cafés that have made France so popular with tourists, you’ll love exploring this gorgeous, scenic town, with its twisting streets and wide-open plazas, and sitting for a coffee or a glass of wine as you watch the world pass slowly by around you.

While Saint-Quentin is the biggest city in the area, Laon is the capital of the Aisne region. A medieval walled city with dramatic turrets and 11th century ramparts, this former Roman city retains its historic charm into the present day. Despite this, the city’s cathedral is magnificent and imposing, and is rightly regarded as one of the city’s premier tourist attractions for its spectacular architecture.

History fans will love Laon and the surrounding area, as it has been the site of many decisive battles in French history, many of which are commemorated in the museum at the Chemins Des Dames trail. For a fun and interesting way to see this area, why not hop on the gyrocopter for a bird’s eye view?

France’s military history is among the most fascinating in the world, and the country has borne witness to some earth-shattering events and conflicts throughout the years, which makes relics such as Fort Condé vital stops when visiting the country. Fort Condé has held a strategic position in France ever since it was built in 1877, and was vital to the efforts of both sides in the First World War. As a contrast, the nearby Chateau De Condé is a spectacular French manor house with a treasure hunt for children, which is a great way to entertain the little ones!

And of course, no trip to France would be complete without a glass of champagne. Luckily, l’Aisne is right in the heart of the Champagne region, with towns such as Epernay within a short drive, so what better way to sample the delights of the real France than with a glass of real French champers?

We’ll drink to that!
à votre santé!

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