Keukenhof Gardens – home of the tulips

April 12, 2019

Each spring, the annual Tulip Festival in Holland brings people from all over Europe to Amsterdam who are looking to explore the elaborate and exciting flower-based events taking place in the city and surrounding areas. While the tulips act as the focal point for the festival, as the name suggests, there’s plenty of other marvellous varieties blooming around each of the events for you to admire.


It’s around this time that the flowers within one of the world’s biggest floral gardens flourish and unveil magnificent displays of vibrant tulips in the south of Holland. Keukenhof, or ‘Garden of Europe’, has roughly 7 million flower bulbs planted each year to ensure the park delivers unparalleled floral displays, with the different coloured tulips being one of the most appealing aspects.


This year the Keukenhof has decided to take on the theme of ‘Flower Power’ channelling the bright colours and peaceful vibes of the 70s to commemorate the show’s 70th anniversary. The show has united people who share a love of flowers year on year, so this theme feels like a natural fit – make sure to check out the theme pavilion to see some amazing displays and lovingly crafted exhibitions.


There are events at Keukenhof throughout the spring season, ranging from the traditional costume show and an annual flower parade, which incorporate tulips into a large portion of the designs, to breath-taking Bird of Prey shows. One highlight in particular from this year’s proceedings is a special Woodstock-esque festival that aims to truly channel the 70s aesthetic with mellow music and a chilled out atmosphere.


While the many events and gorgeous flower displays will probably take up the majority of any visit time, it’s worth saving a bit of extra time to explore the wider fields of flowers found in the surrounding areas around Keukenhof. Although you can walk the various routes, the most popular and efficient way of getting around is to hire a bike so you can cycle through the fields at your own pace. A leisurely boat cruise is another option which proves popular, allowing you to sit back and relax as you traverse the canals and waterways by the floral fields.


If you’re a budding floral fan then make sure to book your trip between 21st March and 19th May to catch the flowers in full bloom, with a trip to Amsterdam by ferry providing the perfect way for you to explore the city and surrounding flower fields of Keukenhof.


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