First Holidays – more important than Valentine’s?

February 8, 2016

33% of partners think that first holiday is more important than Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, we commissioned our own national survey to explore just how important a first holiday away is to a relationship. Whether it was a short trip somewhere in the United Kingdom, or perhaps a weekend break on one of our Mini Cruises, the first holiday for couples is always a defining moment.

Asking 1,000 people in a relationship across the United Kingdom we learnt some fascinating attitudes, including that 60% of UK residents claim that their first holiday together strengthened their relationship. More surprisingly, our study revealed that one third of the UK population believe that the first holiday with a partner is more important than Valentine’s Day.

Our survey also discovered other interesting insights you might not expect, including that men, not women, were more likely to place a higher importance on the first holiday. Furthermore, men viewed the first holiday as one of their happiest memories of the relationship, whereas, women were more likely to view the first holiday as more of a test for the future.

Other interesting results from the survey included:

  • Over 55’s tend to be more spontaneous travellers and go on holiday with a new partner after 1-3 months together, unlike younger people who wanted 4-6 months before taking the plunge of a first holiday together
  • 53% of people found out on their first holiday that they had much more in common with their partner than previously imagined
  • As a nation we love to sample the local cuisine on holiday, with 69% of us noting this as our favourite activity for our first couples getaway
  • 19% of people said that taking the leap to go on holiday together gave them the confidence to move in with their partner.

If indeed the first holiday is more important than Valentines, perhaps be on the safe side this year by giving the gift of travel this Valentine’s Day and book a short break with DFDS.

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