Exploring Europe

November 25, 2014

Europe is one of the most remarkably diverse areas in the world, with a huge range of different cultures, languages and lifestyles all lying side-by-side, within a short drive of each other. Travelling Europe is easy to do, as the borders of the continent have become less strict in recent years, all connected by an excellent motorway network.

Whether you’re looking to camp out in the beautiful Moselle Valley, discover the delights of a French wine tour, hit a ski resort in the Alps or just chill on a beach somewhere, Europe has plenty to offer. With so much to do, however, it can be tricky to know where to even begin planning your journey.

That’s where our new Explore Europe travel guide comes in.

Explore Europe is a revolutionary new way for travellers to get the best recommendations and plan their journeys.

Explore Europe isn’t like normal travel guides, this isn’t a page where we tell you where to go and what to do based on our own personal experiences – we don’t know you, or what you’re looking for from your trip. Our Passenger Picks are destination recommendations directly from our customers for our customers, so make sure you check out the purple pins for yourself!

To help you decide where you’d like to visit, Explore Europe divides attractions into categories. For example, if you’re travelling with kids, then you should check out the family picks. Once you’ve selected the places you’d like to visit, Explore Europe will give you driving distances and instructions on how to get between them, which you can then download and print off to carry with you. Explore Europe is ideal if you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday, a convenient and fun way to find all of the best places your chosen destination has to offer.

So get involved with our new Explore Europe and Passenger Picks initiative and tell everyone about your favourite European destinations, as well as discovering some new places for your own personal list. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next trip!

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