A Daredevil’s Guide to Europe

April 9, 2019


A trip to the continent offers a range of options for travellers. For some, it means quality time with the family, for others it means wine tours with the other half, and many take to Europe to explore with friends.

But did you know that Europe offers an abundance of options for the thrill seekers among you? We’ve put together a run down of some of the best adrenaline hitting experiences across the continent in our Daredevil’s Guide to Europe.


The gorgeous Gorges Du Verdon in the south east of France is enough to rival the Grand Canyon in beauty. Immerse yourself in the thrill of the natural landscape by hiking, paragliding or kayaking through the winding canyons.

For another adrenaline rush, head to the south west and parachute over the breathtaking Arcachon Bay or walk a Via Ferrata at Arêches-Beaufort in the French Alps.


The rivers, ravines and rocky terrain of the Allgäu in Germany provide the perfect place for an adventurous spot of canyoning. This stunning glacial landscape is situated in southern Bavaria and offers thundering waterfalls, rapids and rock climbing. For the ultimate thrill, you can even navigate it at night.

If you’re after more of a man-made thrill, look no further than the famous Nürburgring Race Track, which offers wild taxi riding round the tarmac. Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride shotgun while a qualified racer pulls you round the track at lightning speeds.


If your heading to Holland why not kayak through the winding canals of Amsterdam or see the city from Europe’s highest swing teetering over the edge of a tower at a height of almost 100 metres above ground! The A’DAM LOOKOUT offers unrivalled panoramic views of the Dutch capital in a truly thrilling way.

However you decide to seek your adrenaline rush, you can easily get to the continent with DFDS on one of our daily crossings from Dover or Newhaven to France or Newcastle to Amsterdam. Find out more about our routes here.







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