The Beauty of Belgium

Belgium is a country which is rich in both natural and man-made beauty. Its countryside is green, open and rolling, making way for gorgeous, sweeping and sandy beaches by the coastline. The cities, meanwhile, are plucked straight out of a fairytale, with cobbled streets, towers and turrets and ornate brickwork all around.

Bruges is perhaps Belgium’s most famously-beautiful city, with buildings which have remained very well-preserved due to the city falling into obscurity with tourists for a number of years. Bruges’ city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its outstanding beauty, with the kind of canal-lined streets which have led many to dub it the Venice of the North. Bruges is also a city for all seasons. In the summer, Bruges glistens in the sun and in the winter the city looks gorgeous with a light dusting of snow, while Christmas market stalls pack the Markt area. Climb the bell tower for a stunning panoramic view of the city, or enjoy the city as you’re supposed to, with a bowl of moules frites and a glass of Belgian beer.

Where the North Sea and the Belgian countryside meet, lies De Panne, the true treasure of the Flemish coast. Explore the vast expanses of sand dunes and their surprisingly-green surroundings, wander undisturbed through a nature reserve and take in the flora and fauna of the area, with signposted paths to guide you all the way.

The south of Belgium is strikingly different to the north of the country, with wooded, hilly regions of verdant countryside and, of course, the famous Ardennes region. The Ardennes stretch from France to Luxembourg, right through Belgium’s French-speaking region, including the gorgeous city of Namur.  The Ardennes is famous for its rolling valleys and rivers, but also has more dramatic scenery in the southernmost region, around Bouillon, a charming little town close to the French border.

Despite its reputation as a quiet, idyllic country, Belgium has plenty of wonderful scenery to discover, with cities and countryside both providing spectacular views and areas to discover.

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