24H Nieuw-West Amsterdam

May 10, 2017

For 24 hours on the second weekend in May, Amsterdam turns its attention to the Nieuw-West district. Quite west of the city centre, Nieuw-West stretches almost into Haarlem’s territory and is the greenest area in the capital. Post-war residential districts contrast Sloterpark’s vast lake and a surprising art scene in the unsuspecting neighbourhood make it an interesting visit for Dutch-natives and tourists, alike.

24H Niew-West is the second instalment in this annual affair that takes place across Amsterdam, with each district getting its chance in the spotlight.

47 events spread across just 24 hours attract all manner of people, with street art tours, mountain climbing and giveaway markets just a snippet into the day.

Below are just 4 diverse and idiosyncratic events that could happen at 24H.


Trampoline Disco

Normally packed with kids, this evening event has classes for 16+ and 18+, making it all about the grownups.

Housed in the Bounz trampoline complex, which has a grand total of 32 trampolines, this unique disco offers evening exercise classes that take trampolining to a new level. The BodyBounz and BounzDisco classes combine boot camp, aerobics and more with gravity-defying trampolining. Experience the weightlessness of trampolining as you pair it with your favourite exercises for a hilarious but effective workout.


Floating Sauna

Deep in the forested greenery of Sloterpark, resting on the outer edges of a tranquil yet magnificent lake you will find, for 24 hours only, the floating sauna.

A genius concept designed and created by the artist Rob Hagenouw, it combines the relaxation of a sauna with the restorative power of nature.

It’s been set up by De Natureluur, normally a playground with activities for all ages.

The sessions run from 6-10am for early birds, or 8:30pm-12am for night owls. After sweating it out take in the fresh area with a walk around the lake or venture further into the 90 hectare park.


LTS Spring Market & Open Craft Lab

Amsterdam’s Ambachtslab, or Craft’s Lab, have teamed up with creative experts LTS for a springtime market. Taking place from 12-9pm, you could spend the entire day just here wandering round the stalls.

Le Carton Natural Wine Pop Up and Shop will be providing natural wine tasting. Enjoy a fresh tipple in either a glass, carafe or bottle.

30 minute coaching sessions will be available with Maarten Gulickx, whether it’s life, career, personal or more.

There will also be an introduction to parapsychology for anyone with an interest in the mystical, or even sceptics who are yet to be convinced. Discussions will look at phenomena such as telepathy, reincarnation and hypnosis.

Beyond that, you’ll find live music as well as stalls for poetry, illustrations, knitting and countless other eclectic options.


BMX Session

Dress to get dirty with a BMX session at Griffioen Outdoor.

Suitable for ages 8+, navigate through a maze of mudded trails, with tracks for any level of experience. With 9 different lines and an instructor on hand, you’ll feel like a pro by the time you’re done. There’s no need to book so there’s no reason not to go.

Built in 2010, the dirt tracks have been popular ever since. Try your hand at dirt jumping and air tricks at this free session.



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