World’s Biggest LEGO Ship – Jubilee Seaways!

August 23, 2016

We’re record breakers!

It’s our 150th anniversary this year, and it’s not every day that you turn 150 years old, so we wanted to do something a little bit special.

Inspired by the record-breaking exploits of Olympians in Rio, as well as fond memories of Cheryl Baker and Kriss Akabusi, we decided that we’d like to become record breakers, but don’t worry because we’re not about to get into our lycra just yet!

Instead, we decided to stick to what we know best, and build the world’s largest LEGO ship!

The ship, which we christened Jubilee Seaways in honour of our anniversary, is now built and ready to go on a tour of Europe, starting at the Tall Ships Regatta this weekend, and returning to the UK in October.

How was it made?

First, the ship was designed by Jesper Aagesen, Head of New Building at DFDS. He decided to base it on a futuristic ferry concept, rather than building it to resemble one of our ferries.

Once we had the design, it was time to call in help from our colleagues all over Europe!

We sent out boxes and boxes of LEGO bricks to all of our offices, where they would be formed into the larger building blocks (consisting of 48 bricks each) that would eventually make up Jubilee Seaways. Once these larger blocks were made, they were put together by LEGO artist Warren Elsmore and his team to create the record-breaking ship as it exists today.

Jubilee Seaways – Facts and Stats

  • Jubilee Seaways was built by 7,000 DFDS colleagues
  • These colleagues were spread across 75 locations in 20 countries
  • The whole ship, plus the trucks, cars and other details consists of over a million LEGO bricks
  • Jubilee Seaways is 12m long, meaning it’s big enough to enter the Tall Ships races!
  • At its tallest point, Jubilee Seaways is 2.72m high
  • The ship took over 900 person hours to build


Check out our time-lapse video below to see Jubilee Seaways being assembled.

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