A Winter Wonderland at Efteling

November 29, 2017

From 13 November 2017 until 31 January 2018 watch as Efteling is transformed into a winter wonderland. Each year Efteling offers stunning decorations in the form of garlands, fairy-lights, wreaths and festive bunting. Real log wood fires burn through the day and night in ornate features throughout the park, casting warm hues of amber, orange and red across the alabaster snow that coats trees, rooftops, wooden benches and pathways. There’s also an array of festive activities and performances for all ages.


Ice Palace

Home to the Snow Princess and Fire Prince, who open the main gates daily, enter through a grand façade with 15m towers, pass the double staircase and enter the palace.

The Prince and Princess’s pond is turned into an ice rink, and the royal couple will be visiting every day to entertain with their performances. If the little ones don’t feel like trying out their pirouettes just yet, they can go for a bounce on the castle towers, or play on the ice slide.

Warm yourself up with some wintery treats on the terrace, which has the best views of the beautiful ice rink below. Opt for traditional pea soup, or indulge with hot chocolate and waffles.



Europe’s biggest light display, Aquanora offers an extraordinary 12 minute display with 200 fountains, 900 lights and music.

Taking place on an enormous lake in the pitch black of the evening, luminous water displays shoot metres into the sky. Fata Morgana, the Eastern Palace, sits majestically in the background and is also lit up. The entire exhibition creates an incredible atmosphere. A magnificent finale closes the show, with meteoric effusions, and even fire.


Enchanted Forest

Already ethereal, the massive forest gets a make-over during winter, as thousands of twinkling fairy-lights and falling snow create a perfectly festive feel. The snow-capped pine trees tower over the paths, the cobbles of which are hibernating beneath a blanket of snow. The fairy tale tree even has a special performance, reserved only for this most magical time of year.



In the centre of the park sits Wensboom, or ‘Wish Tree’. Guests can write their wish, name, phone number and email address at a writing table and put them in the mailbox. A select number of wishes, chosen by an Efteling jury, are hung on the tree every week in transparent baubles. Can’t get to Efteling this winter? That’s fine, because you can submit your wish online, too.


Live music

You’ll find live musicians dotted around the park, all in seasonal garb. The Efteling Musicians provide comedic, as well as musical, entertainment, singing native songs accompanied by a double bass and accordion. There’s also De Lichtpunjes, a group of 4 who perform wonderful gospel songs, many of which you will know and can join in.


Live performances

In the House of Five Sense you’ll find The Winter Light, an acrobatic spectacle with an enchanting performance involving hoops and scarves, all alongside Christmassy music. The Whirling Winter Miracles, in their artistic costumes, also provide a charming live performance. Another live spectacle to find at Efteling is the story of Roofridder Hugo which is brought to life by a 3D display that is projected onto the exterior of Villa Volta.


New Year’s Eve

The park is open until 6pm on New Year’s Eve to all customers, closing for an hour and reopening at 7pm. It will then only be accessible to those who have purchased a special New Year ticket. There will be live performances throughout the park, as well as a stupendous fireworks display and fizzy, before closing at 1am.


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