Whisky Top Tasting Tips

September 19, 2014


Inspired to try a new whisky by our Whisky Lovers post? Or maybe you’re just ready to experience whisky for the first time? Every whisky drinker has their own unique way to taste the flavours & aromas, but here are some of Richard’s top tasting tips…

Get a good glass. A tulip shaped glass is preferred because it focuses the aromas & splashes the spirit on the tongue in a wide fashion.

Pour yourself a dram. Depending on your own desired experience & how much you want to drink, this amount can be anywhere from half an ounce to two ounces.

Tilt & turn the glass. Let the whisky coat the glass. This increases the surface area, permitting greater evaporation and thus enhancing the aroma. Observe the consistency as it sticks the sides of your glass.

Nose the whiskey. Place your nose a few inches away from the glass, get as close as you can without letting the alcohol burn interfere. Keeping your mouth slightly open as you nose the whisky will help you better discern and ‘taste’ the different aromas.

Add water. This is optional. Add as much as half-and-half or as little as a few drops. Adding water depends on the strength and style of the whisky, & the taster’s preference.

Gently agitate the whisky. Nose the whisky again. Change the angle and distance of the glass to pick up all of the subtle aromas. Continue this for a few minutes while the water marries with the whisky & releases additional aromas.

Take a sip. Take just enough to coat your mouth and begin to slowly swirl it around your tongue. Feel the consistency of the whisky. Some will feel thicker, oiler, or grittier than others. This is referred to as the “mouthfeel”. Try and coat your tongue so that the whisky touches all of your taste buds.

Taste the whiskey. Try to hold the whisky in your mouth as long as it takes to notice all of the different flavours.

Swallow. Try not to open your mouth or close your throat. Let in a tiny amount of air through your mouth and breathe through your nose slowly as the fumes rise up into your sinuses. You may notice different flavours. This is called the “finish”. Once the flavours subside, breathe normally.

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