Spotlight on Honfleur

September 7, 2017

A haven for artists, this stunning port town is rich in history and culture. Praised by Impressionists in the 19th century for the picturesque scenery, Honfleur continues to attract people in for this reason. Now busy with chic cafés, mouth-watering restaurants and quaint shops, Honfleur is a charming little escape on the Northern coast of France.


Things to do

  • Head to the harbour. The tall, half-timbered buildings, with wildflowers that billow out of Georgian windows two, three, four storeys high, sit like rustic piano keys and vibrant yachts sleep in the adjacent, tranquil waters.
  • Stay at La Ferme Saint Simon. This 17th century inn was the accommodation of choice for the Impressionist artists. Famed artist Eugène Boudin described it as ‘the most ravishing spot in the world’.
  • Speaking of Eugène Boudin, this Honfleur native brought many artists to the town, including Monet. You can visit his museum in Honfleur, which has a collection of his work, as well as exhibiting a range of other artwork.
  • Get your boots on and go hiking round the nearby countryside. The deep green Norman forestry is visible behind the skyline of Honfleur’s architecture and church spires.
  • The medieval churches are also well worth a visit. Saint-Catherine’s Church dates back to the 15th century and is France’s largest timer built church with a separate bell tower. The Church of Saint-Etienne in the harbour is the oldest building in the town, built in the 14th


Where to eat

  • Former top Parisian chef Vincent Guyon left the capital for Honfleur to open La Fleur de Sel. This exquisite eatery can be found in the Michelin Guide and balances French tastes with international influences.
  • Situated in a charming medieval building, La Petit Chine is the perfect stop for a coffee and fresh-baked French dessert. Unassuming both inside and out, the crêpes are particularly favoured here.
  • Pom’Cannelle, an ice cream parlour directly on the canal, offers unbeatable views of the harbour. From single scoops to splendid sundaes and more, it’s the perfect waterside treat.
  • There’s no shortage of seafood restaurants here. However, a notable favourite is Restaurant SaQuaNa. Located on a beautiful cobbled street, the food is exceptional and presented magnificently.


Where to drink

  • La Perroquet Vert is a cosy bar right on the harbour. Sit outside and take in the scenes, or snuggle up inside against the chesterfield leather furniture and exposed brickwork.
  • Sweet café by day, effortlessly cool jazz bar by night, The Vintage Café draws in locals and tourists alike.
  • Honfleur’s favourite wine bar, Chez D.D offers a vast selection of wines. Pair it with a plate of cheese and meats. Taste a local bottle to get a flavour of the country’s superb vineyards.


How to get there

Less than 90 minutes of Honfleur is our Dieppe port, meaning our Newhaven-Dieppe crossing makes reaching Honfleur incredibly easy. Approximately 3 hours from our Dunkirk and Calais ports, our Dover-Dunkirk and Calais ferry crossings are a convenient way to access Honfleur.

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