A Spooktacular Mini Cruise for Halloween

October 31, 2014


Every year, we celebrate All Hallow’s Eve onboard in spooktacular fashion, with a special Halloween-themed mini cruise between Newcastle and Amsterdam including a costume competition and other seasonal events and activities.

We caught up with PRINCESS SEAWAYS Entertainment Manager, Adele, to hear more about what goes on onboard with us every 31 October.

What’s the best thing about celebrating Halloween onboard?

Our fancy dress contest! Every year we have a competition to find the best costume, with the winner being selected by other passengers who cheer for the costume they like most!

So you must have seen some fantastic costumes over the years, what’s the best costume you’ve ever seen on the Halloween cruise?

That’s a tough one, but I think it has to be the young man who came as a mummy, wrapped head-to-toe in bandages! It was hilarious, but very impractical, you couldn’t hear a word he was saying when he was ordering drinks and I don’t even want to think about what he did when he needed the toilet…

So how will the ship be decorated this year?

We always have lots of decorations onboard and we keep adding to these every year. I’m not being biased, but I think it looks great, we have invested in better decorations so they can be re-used which means we now have more than ever! We have a big statue of Dracula and a really creepy skull-spider, as well as the classic orange and black balloons from a local company.

So will you be donning a costume yourself?

Yes! I can’t wait to get it all sorted!

I’m going to go as a zombie witch, the night will be great fun and full of laughter. All of the other bar staff will be dressing up too, we even have a face-painter coming onboard, so the staff are sure to look extra-scary! I’m sure plenty of photos will be taken as usual. The band are also getting dressed up and learning new songs to include in their show, things like Thriller, Ghostbusters and other Halloween-related tunes!

So, if you’re a big fan of Halloween & a fun-filled night with friends, this could be for you. Plus, you’ll even get the next day to spend in the vibrant Dutch capital!

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