Seas the Day – Brussels Beer Challenge

October 2, 2015

Our new Seas the Day series will see us detail events across Europe which only last a day or two, providing you with enough information for you to take advantage of any events which take your fancy! Whether it’s celebrating traditional food and drink, or arts, culture and music, we’ll be sure to include it. This week, we’re covering the Brussels Beer Challenge.

Contrary to its name, the Brussels Beer Challenge is actually taking place in Antwerp this year. The nomadic festival began in 2012, taking place in Brussels, but has since taken place in Liege (2013) and Leuven (2014). The festival is a professional competition, providing brewers the chance to compete with the best Belgian breweries, as well as international names too.

Over the course of 2 days a tasting panel of 60 internationally renowned beer connoisseurs will taste 850 beers from all corners of the globe. The participating will then be split into categories based on origin and style and then ranked. At the end of the 2 tasting days, the best beers in each category will be presented with a gold, silver or bronze award.

There aren’t many countries in the world with a reputation for beer as well-deserved as Belgium’s, so it’s no surprise to see this popular beer challenge. The competition is designed to promote healthy, friendly competition within in the industry, as well as promoting quality beer from all over the world. The gold, silver or bronze awards act as a seal of approval for consumers, providing them with a guarantee of quality for their beer.

This year, the Brussels Beer Challenge takes place from 5-8 November in Antwerp, one of Belgium’s biggest cities. Antwerp is known for its cosy cafes and bars, selling all of the best local beer and food, as well as its multicultural selection of restaurants and more, making it an ideal place for a short break, especially combined with the Brussels Beer Challenge!

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