Romantic Utrecht

February 4, 2015

Utrecht’s old centre has remained intact for hundreds of years, and is centred around the city’s historic cathedral Domkerk, which has made it one of Holland’s most beautiful small cities.

Located right in the heart of the Netherlands, its cultured centre with its canals and museums is reminiscent of the Dutch capital, but with a more laid back, friendly attitude to life.

As you arrive in Utrecht, romance might be the last thing on your mind, as the area around the train station is about to go under an extensive regeneration to restore it to its former glories. Once you arrive in the old town, you’ll understand why the city is one of Holland’s most romantic cities.

Head down to De Zakkendrager for a romantic French/Mediterranean meal. The restaurant is simultaneously large and spacious, but comfortable and cosy, partially housed in an old medieval building and with a large courtyard in the back.

Wandering the streets of Utrecht is easy, as Domkerk is visible from just about any point in the city, making it simple to navigate and perfect for a romantic stroll, night or day. Wander down to the Cloister Gardens, grab a seat and relax while listening to a carillion concert in beautiful surroundings.

Be sure to check out the listings for Stadsschouwburg and see if there are any shows on. The theatre generally has Dutch performances on, but also hosts music and dance concerts too. The beautiful old theatre has 2 halls which are both wonderfully intimate and make for a dreamily romantic evening.

Finally, finish your day with a walk down Oudegracht. This gorgeous street has a canal running right through the centre of it, and is lined with restaurants, bars and shops, as well as picturesque cellar speakeasies and more.

For a romantic getaway, Utrecht should be a city high on your list. It remains all of the beauty of the capital, but without the bustling city atmosphere, and you’ll be surrounded by world-class museums and awe-inspiring architecture.

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