Parc Asterix and Futuroscope

March 28, 2016

Amusement parks have entertained European families for generations, and the continent is home to a huge range of parks both old and new. France, in particular, has a fantastic heritage of amusement parks including Disneyland Paris!

One of France’s most unique and interesting parks, however, is Futuroscope. Futuroscope is a world which sees the fantastical and the scientific collide head-on, and is understandably one of France’s most popular attractions. The park has a range of attractions that take you to exciting and mind-blowing worlds of fantasy, including a fairytale evening show, and a 3D adventure set in the Hubble Telescope, which inspired the movie Gravity. Visitors of all ages are bound to find something for them here.

The park also has the famous Raving Rabbids 4D adventure, where you step back in time with the Rabbids to see moments in history as you’ve never imagined them, including the discovery of fire, the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, and the Wild West.

Another of France’s most interesting amusement parks is Parc Astérix. Based on the famous adventures of Asterix the Gaul, Parc Astérix has 6 different themed worlds, each based on different historic periods such as the Vikings, the Romans and Ancient Egypt. The park is known for its roller coasters, which range from family-friendly rides to a white-knuckle incuding track with seven loops !

This year, Parc Astérix opeend a new ride called Discobélix, where Asterix’s sidekick, Obelix invites you to enjoy a unique experience aboard a giant disc. There are also rides and attractions for those who don’t feel quite so brave, which makes Parc Astérix a great family destination.

With so much to discover at both parks, it’s no surprise that they’re popular with tourists from all over Europe. What’s more, if you book one of our ferry crossings then you can also enjoy discounted entry to the parks.

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