What to Pack for a Scandinavian Summer

May 31, 2017

If you’re planning a trip to Norway, Sweden or Denmark this summer, you might be wondering what you need to pack. Summer in Scandinavia can see up to 17 hours of sunshine, with temperatures even reaching the 30s. Check out our guide below to see what to pack for your summer Scandinavian adventure.

While DFDS offer multiple ferry crossings to the continent, and a route between Copenhagen and Oslo, there’s plenty of opportunity to access Scandinavia this summer.



Summertime is usually beautifully warm and sunny. Temperatures regularly reach the high 20s, often nudging 30 Celsius, with lots of sunshine for enjoying beaches or exploring cities and cultural spots.

Summer shorts and t-shirts are a must. A good pair of walking boots are also essential if you plan to explore the great outdoors. Denmark also has some surprisingly good beaches, so take swimwear if you’re going anywhere near the coast.



Norwegian summers bring longer and warmer days to this beautiful Scandinavian country. In late summer it never gets fully dark, and temperatures are usually fairly stable at around 25 to 30 degrees. If you travel right to the north of the country, you can experience the famous midnight sun.

With Norway’s stunning mountain ranges, hiking is a popular activity for holidaymakers in the summer. If you want to head into the mountains, be sure to prepare properly with walking boots, waterproof and windproof clothing, as well as sunscreen. Layers than can be easily removed or added are the best things to pack, rather than any bulky outerwear. In the south you can relax with regular summer wear, and enjoy a swim in the sea.



Summer is a big deal in Sweden. The stunning outdoor landscapes become even more enchanting with the sun beaming down on them, from vast lakes to tall mountains and beautiful forests. Locals will bring a picnic and get outdoors as much as possible in the summer. Much like Norway, in the summer months Sweden enjoys longer days and more continental weather.

Scandinavia as a whole prefers minimalism, and Sweden is pretty fashion forward. If you’d like to adopt a similar dress sense go for light, airy materials, opting for more natural colours. Plus, the lighter the colour the better they’ll reflect the sun, helping you to stay cool.



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