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October 21, 2014


Interview with husband and wife Krisztina & Janos from PRINCESS SEAWAYS

We met each other 22 years ago and have been happily married for 17 years; we have a 16 year old son.

We first met in a Hungarian theatre in Budapest. We’re performers. My husband Janos is a professional choreographer and dancer, and I’ve sung and danced in his shows.

We’ve travelled all our lives and been all over the world. We also worked with DFDS Seaways as dancers between 2001 and 2010. We loved it so much, we decided we wanted to work for DFDS Seaways permanently.

 The Onboard Shop: Interview with Krisztina

DFDS Seaways: What’s so special about the shop?

Krisztina: We have a great atmosphere in the Sea Shop. We welcome customers as soon as they arrive so they feel at ease straight away. The team is very knowledgeable about our products too. Also, we consistently offer great bargains on clothing, perfumes, spirits and confectionary.

DFDS Seaways: What’s the top product on board?

Krisztina: That really depends on the age of the customers and what country they come from. Because so many tastes come into contact here, our selection is permanently being updated.

DFDS Seaways: Then do our passengers travelling to Scotland get a typical whisky on board too?

Krisztina: Yes, in fact our Scottish tourists often take advantage of our offers and like to buy a whisky from their own region.

DFDS Seaways: Now tell us something about the German passengers. What are they like on board?

Krisztina: German tourists have good manners, are very nice and often say thank you with a friendly smile. They like it if we try to speak a few sentences in German to them.

The Onboard Bars: Interview with Janos

DFDS Seaways: In which bar do you work?

Janos: I work in all of the different bars on board. Every 2 weeks we get a new work schedule and I am allocated a bar to work in for the following 2 weeks.

DFDS Seaways: Is a certain atmosphere important to you?

Janos: We always like to create a friendly atmosphere. We also try to talk to the customers in their own language – as far as possible. That’s often quite hilarious for both sides.

At the end of every evening customers are always happy and can look back on a great evening.

The passengers who come to our bars should try one of our cocktails. We also have live music and bingo. Sometimes I put on one of my tap dance performances too. Its often a surprise to customers that the bar man can dance!

DFDS Seaways: What’s your favourite drink?

Janos: For me creativity makes a difference to a good cocktail. I myself much prefer a Cuba Libre with white Havana Club. That’s in the bar too of course.

DFDS Seaways: Do you remember a really special evening?

Janos: Every evening on board is special. If customers find out I was previously a dancer they often react with interest and talk to me for a long time. Friendships are forged here. And if it’s only for the evening.

DFDS Seaways: What sort of whisky do you offer here?

Janos: We offer many different whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland or even America. The favourite is the single malt whisky because most passengers like the Scottish whiskies.

DFDS Seaways: But tell us something about the tastings – do you like explaining whiskies to the novices?

Janos: It’s always a challenge, but at the same time a pleasure, to introduce passengers to the world of whiskey. I like giving them an understanding of this unique taste and the stories about whiskey.

DFDS Seaways: Tell us about your life on board as a couple.

Janos: We’re work on board for 2 months and then we go home for 1 month. We stay in the same cabin. Sometimes it’s a challenge to organise everyday life, because Krisztina works in the Sea Shop and I work in the bar. But even so we get it right and find a balance.

If we’ve saved we go shopping or go for a meal together ashore.

We love working at sea for DFDS Seaways. To say it in Michael Bublé’s words: it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…and I’m feeling good!

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