Northern France City Breaks

September 19, 2014


Dunkirk is situated just a fifteen minute drive away from the port & it is an ideal spot for day trips and short breaks. This place is well-known for the Operation Dynamo which took place on the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. But there are many other things to do such as shopping, eating local food, tasting some traditional beers or even visiting some museums…

Dunkirk has a Flemish culture associated with the French way of life. And if you go further in the countryside, you will find windmills and typical Flemish villages.

Besides every year, from February until April, Dunkirk is the French capital city of the biggest and most colourful Carnival festival of Europe.


Learn all about the history of Gravelines thanks to a 50-minute commentary which presents the history of the fortifications renovated by Vauban. This commentary is completed by stories and narratives presenting each historic monument in turn. If you wish, you may visit the only museum in France dedicated to original prints. The museum is set in the remarkable surroundings of the Gravelines Citadel, more precisely in the military buildings of the Arsenal chateau. You can also visit the construction site of the ship called “Jean Bart” in 1/15th scale (3m80 long – that is to say 12.50 feet). It is located along the historic port of Gravelines. Not far from Gravelines, you can also discover the “Chapel of Light” which consists of 15 pieces, created for the restored gothic choir of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Bourbourg by the English sculptor Anthony Caro.


Calais is a good place for a brief stopover. It possesses nice restaurants and bars in the town centre and on the seafront. But Calais is recognized in Northern France as a great place to go shopping. You will find there a huge mall called “Cite Europe” and many wines’ stores. Besides some years ago, Calais was famous for its lacemaking sites. Today, there is a sumptuous museum dedicated to this art: the International Centre for Lace and Fashion. So if you go there, you should visit this interesting building and its exhibitions.


Boulogne-sur-Mer is the biggest fishing port in France. It is renowned for its huge sea centre called Nausicaa. In the town centre, you can find many shops, restaurants and cafés. This town is really nice if you want to spend a romantic weekend in a typical French spot or if you are travelling with your children and are looking for a place they will enjoy as much as you will do. Regarding the kind of typical food you can find there, you should try the traditional shortbread biscuits made in Boulogne.

Le Touquet

Le Touquet is also known as “Le Touquet – Paris-Plage”, it is considered to be a posh seaside resort in Northern France. There you can find many restaurants and bars on the seafront. This town is famous for having the most beautiful beaches a short drive north of Paris. During summer, many festivals take place in the area. If you like golfing, cycling, hiking or even swimming it is also a good place to go.

But the main attraction in the area is Aqualud which is a great water park with many slides suitable for all the family.

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