Natural Beauty

September 19, 2014


It’s not all about sailing across the North Sea – but you can look good while you do! As well as many other facilities onboard, PRINCESS SEAWAYS boasts a large variety of cosmetics in her onboard shop, SEA SHOP. So whether you like sampling the latest fragrances, trying out the latest beauty creams, or looking for a gift for someone special, head to SEA SHOP!

If it’s a kinder, more natural cosmetic range that you prefer, Krisztina (Shop Assistant) recommends three great brands.


Formulated from Thermal Spring water, this range of face & body products are becoming increasingly more popular across Europe. Now 62 years old, the brand incorporates biotechnology to bring you next-generation formulas always inspired from a water theme. With a strong connection to the sea, there’s no better place to try Biotherm while sailing across one! Krisztina tells us that she uses a variety of Biotherm skin care products as part of her daily routine and would recommend the range to anyone for everyday use.


Offering a variety of products to women with different skin types, Rituals helps to achieve a natural, beautiful complexion. Founder Raymond Clooserman believes that attention to detail to your daily routine can enrich body and soul – “happiness can be found in the smallest things”. The collection has a distinct Eastern tradition, balancing your energy and philosophy, and while a reasonably young cosmetic brand, is becoming increasingly more popular with passengers onboard.


A highly popular cosmetic brand in the UK, PRINCESS SEAWAYS is pleased to be able to offer this range to customers. L’Occitane offers cosmetic products developed through the ideas of phototherapy and aromatherapy, & taking a big inspiration from the Mediterranean lifestyle, it promotes well-being and sensory delight. If you haven’t already tried this uber natural range of skincare, come into SEA SHOP and Krisztina will tell you more!

So, who is Krisztina? We find out, but if you’re travelling Newcastle-Amsterdam onboard PRINCESS SEAWAYS, come and say ‘Hello’!

  • Name: Krisztine Tarkanyi
  • What is your position onboard? I am Shop Assistant.
  • Where are you from? I am originally from Hungary.
  • How long have you been working with DFDS? I have now been working for DFDS for 13 years. I have been working onboard PRINCESS SEAWAYS for five years, working in the SEA SHOP in the perfume and cosmetics area.
  • What is life like onboard? I really like the life onboard – I love working in the shop! My motto is ‘a warm smile is a universal language’ and there is no better place to practice this than in the SEA SHOP. It is a very interesting job – it is always different, meeting different people, different nations, different habits, every day.
  • What is your cosmetic must-have? The cosmetic that I probably could not live without is my Lancome mascaras and make up products.
  • How about perfume – what’s your favourite? My favourite fragrance is also from Lancome – La Vie est Belle. It means ‘Life is Beautiful’, and I really believe this!

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