A Model Sailor

January 27, 2015


Everyone has special memories of their holidays, and for one man, these memories encouraged him to embark on an ambitious model-making project. Germany’s Marc Peper took his passion for seafaring holidays to the next level when he decided to build a replica of the PRINCESS SEAWAYS ship which sails between the UK and Holland.

It all started 5 years ago, when Marc Peper showed his good friend Jesper Bern, who is one of the captains of the ship, pictures of a model of PRINCESS SEAWAYS that he had already made. Jesper was so impressed with what he saw that he asked Marc if he were willing to build another model, especially for him.

Marc has built models of this ship 3 times, the first being when the ship was under its former name of Peter Pan.

“I have simply loved this ship ever since I was a little boy,” says Marc, “we spent many of our holidays travelling with the family on this ship. I have many good memories of the ship from my younger days when it was still named ‘Peter Pan’ and sailed to the German port of Travemünde for TT-Line in the eighties. This ship was the reason why I became interested in ferries and shipping and why I started a career in the German Navy”.

You can read more about Marc’s projects and his love for this vessel on our group blog, DFDS Connects.

This version is to a 1:100 scale and remote control, with 2 propellers, a rudder and an engine so that it can maneuver and sail just like the real thing! The model even has a smoke generator, an HD camera and deck illuminations. This month, Marc tested the model on water – take a look!

Marc hasn’t quite finished the ship yet, but it should be seaworthy soon, and we’d like to wish him all the best with the project! If you’d like to keep up to date with the progress of the model, then look out for updates on http://seaways-model.com/

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