Our Journey – the Payne Family

September 29, 2014


We like to get away on holiday as often as we can, and as a family we’ve found that one of the easiest ways to do this is by taking our car across the Channel via ferry and then driving onto our final destination. Not only does this mean that we can pack as much as we like without having to worry about luggage restrictions, but driving onboard is easy, with minimal queueing, which means we can avoid the joyless few hours spent waiting around the airport!

This time round, we went to Paris, but before all of that, we boarded the ferry at Dover and set sail to Calais!

The crossing only took an hour and a half, but I can safely say that we weren’t bored for a second of it. First of all, we sat down to a meal in the restaurant onboard the ferry. There was a large selection of food to choose from, so we had absolutely no problem finding something that the kids liked!

After that we had a wander around the boat, and stood out on the deck to take in the sea air. The kids absolutely loved the sea views and watching the sun set over the horizon was just beautiful! The ferry also had several places to sit and relax, as well as games and a play area for children.

Travelling with children can be difficult, but going by ferry means the kids can have fun, let off steam and enjoy the crossing, before getting back into the car.

When we arrived, we disembarked nice and quickly, and got straight back onto the main roads to head to Paris. We love France, and we had an absolutely fabulous time in two of the country’s most beautiful cities, including seeing some of the most famous tourist spots in the world such as the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur.

Travelling by car made our holiday quick and easy, and our experience onboard meant that the ferry journey was a fun part of our holiday – not just a stressful hassle like other forms of transport can be.

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