A Journey by Motorbike

September 22, 2014


Is there a better way to travel than by motorcycle? I honestly don’t think so. The freedom afforded to you is simply unlike no other, as you weave through the traffic, take in the scenery and generally make the most of the open road.

Europe is so big and diverse that it is just begging to be explored on bike. You can potentially pass through a few countries in a single day, each with their own lifestyles, cultures, history and traditions. It really is fascinating.

My favourite way to take the bike across to Europe from the UK is by ferry, with the DFDS Seaways routes from Dover to Dunkirk or Calais being the most convenient for me. There are 44 daily sailings and no luggage restrictions so you can pack as much as you can carry, which is great if you’re planning on picking up something while you’re on the road.

More than anything though, the ferry is good fun and a nice break from the road. It only takes a couple of hours to cross (the Calais ferry is slightly faster) but there’s lots to keep you busy, and the actual ship is so big that you can stretch your legs and have a wander. I always like to get out on deck and take in the fresh sea air, it’s not quite the same as being on the bike, but it feels nice all the same!

There’s a comfortable bar and lounge where you can chill out and relax, plus a shop that sells all sorts, but is an absolute lifesaver if you’ve forgotten any travel essentials like adaptors, maps or the like. If you’re travelling with kids then there’s enough arcade games and play areas to keep them entertained too.

All the while, you can lock your bike up on the lower deck, safe and secure, and just focus on enjoying yourself and your journey! Once you arrive in France, you can get off the ferry and head straight back onto the main roads, ready for your journey to begin again.

Now tell me, what could me more appealing than a holiday with that much freedom?

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