Our Journey – by Karen & John

September 15, 2014


Greetings, we’re John and Karen Rouwenhorst, and we’ve been asked by DFDS Seaways to tell you all about our recent holiday and make you all very jealous!

We travelled across Europe, spending time in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Sicily taking in all sorts of sights on the way, all from the comfort of our motorhome!

We love to travel in the motorhome, it just gives us a sense of freedom that you can’t get from a package holiday, and if you’re going abroad then crossing the Channel by ferry is very convenient. You can pack as much as you can carry and are surrounded by the luxuries of your home which is brilliant if you’re going away for a long time. You can take your pets with you as well if you like. It’s good value too – especially if you book in advance.

We also really enjoy our time on the ferry, it’s large and spacious with plenty of space to walk around and stretch your legs, which is just what you need if you’ve been driving for a long time already. We stopped off for a bite to eat at the restaurant and relaxed with a drink in the bar. We were also surprised at the wide range of things available to buy at the shop; Karen in particular had a good look at some of the perfumes!

Once we arrived, we were able to disembark without any trouble and not much waiting around, great if you’re as excited about your holiday as we were! From the port it was quick and easy to get onto the motorway and head to our next stop. We travelled through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland to get to Italy, stopping off at Riqhuewihr, Alsace, France vineyards for some of that world-famous French wine!  Our journey followed the East coast of Italy across the foot and over to Sicily. Around the beautiful Island and back over to the mainland. We followed the West coast all the way back up and made our way home.  We saw so many wonderful things that you won’t see in an aeroplane or scheduled travel.  We love it!

As part of our holiday, we couldn’t have asked for a better journey with DFDS Seaways. We were comfortable and felt looked-after from the start. The sailing was only 2 hours and we were comfortable and relaxed throughout – and we were happy in the knowledge our motorhome was secured safely on the vehicle deck.

We’d definitely recommend travelling by ferry with DFDS Seaways – so give it a go

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